Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Woodson and Rummerfield

Woodson and Rummerfield are two very hot and young designers. What I like most about their decorating is that they can take the smallest room such as this tiny little bathroom and make it glamorous. I came across the Woodson and Rummerfield website while browsing on Alkemie. Alkemie is a great website for interior decorating. There are tons of links to designers and all things related to decorating.

Simon Wild

The Yellow Submarine - by the Beatles
Another fun artist - Simon Wild. Simon created all of the above illustrations except the last one. Some of you may recognize or remember the yellow submarine from the Beatles. Simon's work reminds me a little bit about that era. My favorite images come from his older work. I do also enjoy his black and white illustrations, but I am a HUGE fan of color and I really like his color choices. I wonder how he makes his color choices? Simon, would you care to comment on how you make your color choices? See more of this inspirational work at

Monday, August 25, 2008


Not only are these images of monsters fun, but once you see how they are created you must admit, they are even MORE fun! Stefan Bucher came up with this great idea to place a blot of ink on paper and then blow the ink around with air (like from an air compressor or can of office air) and then from whatever appears, create a monster. The first three images were created by Stefan, but the last three were sent in by his viewers. He has a website where viewers send in their own ink monsters and the best part, he has a video everyday. You can watch him create a new monster step by step. The videos are fun to watch. Click here to see Stefan's website. First seen at

Rogner Bad Blumau Hotel

These are photos of the Rogner Bad Blumau Hotel in Styria, Austria. They have spa packages, yoga, accupuncture, detoxifying treatments. Everything your little heart desires. Reminds me a little of Dr.Seuss. Learn more about it here. I first saw this here at Doodlage.

Joe Ramiro Garcia

I first saw Joe's artwork several years ago and I just happened to come across it again. I like it just as much today as I did back then. Fun stuff. Joe says that his paintings don't necessary mean anything and I love that. I've had people ask me what I think a painting means, or why I like it so much and I just look at them with a blank look on my face. I agree with Joe. It doesn't necessary mean anything, it just gives me a feeling that I like.
Joe says:

"I believe that we possess more than five senses and I’m convinced these extra perceptional senses allow us to create and digest art. If there is a message in my painting, it’s that I’m not sure of anything and I’m okay with it." See more of his artwork at

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun with Photos

How fun is this? Take any photo you have, (well as long as the size isn't too big), and upload onto this website. The software will place your photo in the middle of these other photo images. So, I took one of the table numbers (the bumble bee)from my wedding and loaded it in. My photograph did get cut off, there is supposed to be a full number 8. My photo is rectangular, you might resize or use a square photo. I don't know. I was so excited I had to show you right away. Isn't it fun? I found this via Le Train Fantome. Load your own images at Photo Funia.

Design Freebies

Just a reminder about Design Freebies. Print these labels for free from Creature Comforts.

Ceramic Projects

Darling Dexter posted these etsy mugs by skinny laminx and I wonder how difficult it would be to make something like this using these ceramic markers from dick blick. I know you wouldn't get the same quality as what is on these mugs but it might be a fun project.

Urban Outfitters

I like these recycled letters from Urban Outfitters.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Takashi Iwasaki

I think I'm going to name my all of my children Takashi, because I know they will be artistically talented. If you don't know what I'm talking about go here to see the talent of Takashi Murakami. But, the amazing artwork you are seeing is not Takashi Murakami, but Takashi Iwaskai. What's not to love about his artwork? It was so hard to narrow it down to just a few pictures.
I know that some people do not appreciate abstract art, and I think it is because they don't really understand that it still takes a lot of talent to be able to make abstract art. We've all heard people say things like 'my child could paint this...'. So, I want to help people understand that no, their child could not do this.
So, for those who want to understand more about abstract art, I want to share my thoughts with you. If I were to attempt something like this, my first challenge would be balance. Each object needs to have some sort of balance in the final composition. If it isn't somehow balanced, the piece just won't feel right. Next, the colors have to work well together, they need to be the right tones, shades, hues, brightness etc....When you mix the colors they could all turn out to look like mud.
Sometimes, I think abstract art can be much more challenging than painting something that stands right before you. So, that's all. When you see abstract art as beautiful as this, that grabs your attention, gives you a happy feeling inside, understand that there is an enormous amount of talent behind that piece of art. I think Takashi describes his art best in just a couple sentences:
"...Shapes and colors in my paintings and drawings evoke figurative qualities which embrace a kaleidoscope of emotions. Life is too short to take gravely all the time. I want to delight in what I can when I can. Having this as my essential philosophy, my goal of art making is to create a positive and playful atmosphere, and generate warm feelings of intimacy and substance through my work..."
To see more of this amazing work by Takashi Iwasaki, just click here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pinky Toast

Pinky Toast has so many fun prints, it was hard to narrow it down to just these few. Pinky Toast describes herself as the following in her etsy bio: Living and working in Brooklyn, NY, Pinkytoast...has a soft spot for all things, (well, most things) sweet and sour. Her original paintings, dolls, and drawings are peppered with pinks, sour pouts, big eyes, raindrops, baby doll dresses, twins, moon balloons, and flying bananas. Check out her etsy shop here.

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Reminder to Tonia

I have to post this so that I have this image in my head the next time I have the urge to grab a bag of chips.

Cali Rezo

I found these images on Stumbled Upon. I thought you would enjoy these images from Cali Rezo. What attracts me to these images is the movement or motion of the characters. Something I love about the calirezo website is tutorials. The artist takes photographs, draws the images on the computer and then makes the alterations and shows you how he does it. Be sure to check out his blog too. Oh, I should warn you, only small portions are in English. The blog and majority of the website is in French.