Sunday, February 15, 2009

Simple Life

I truly believe this quote, I just wish I could live by it. It is true on so many different levels. Whether it is the amount of things you are doing or the amount of things you possess. I have people in my family that have vowed to a life a poverty (by becoming a priest/nun) and truly live a simple life in all aspects. Have you ever noticed sometimes the people with the least amount of 'stuff' are truly the happiest people of all? I remember back in my twenties watching a television clip of a tribe in Africa where the people had absolutely nothing but a little hut, dirt for a floor, and maybe a cast iron pot for cooking. I remember vividly watching that video and observing how happy the people were. They were dancing and laughing and I remember thinking, at that time in my life, those people were happier than me. It was at that time, when it really resonated with me that 'things' really do not make people happy. And, I know we ALL know that. We ALL know that love is what truly makes us happy. But, then why when I know this, do I still want to possess things? Is it all just greed?

I recently got married and moved into my husband's house. I literally walked away from everything I owned and after several months, I thought "Wow, I can really do this." I can walk away from it all. It was actually very uplifting and freeing to let go of everything I owned and think that I didn't need any of it. However, the time has come when I need to move all of that 'stuff' into my new home and I've found that I cannot just let go of it like I thought I could. I've gone back to my house and found things from my childhood and found family heirlooms from my grandparents. But, I not only found things with family history, but just 'things' that I cannot let go of.

Since I was a teenager, I've collected costume jewelry. I looked at my jewelry collection and thought, "Oh, this is so much fun." I should continue to collect more... but why? Why do I feel that I have to have more? Isn't what I have enough? It is. Why do I have this need to collect things? The more 'stuff' I have the more work it becomes, and it really doesn't bring me more happiness. What is this obsession with stuff? Is it just me? It can't be just me, is it? I remember my art professor in college asking the class "What do you collect?" He said it is natural for creative types to want to collect things. Is this really true? Is this why I want to collect things? I know there are very very creative people out there that do not collect anything. Is it some type of mental disorder? Well, I think when it gets out of control, it can be a disorder. Or, is this a result from the way we were raised? My mom always said to hold onto things...just in case. Or, is it a part of our society?

I have a friend Lynn who truly lives a simple life. Lynn can let go of anything. If you walked into her home, you would be amazed at the simple life she has chosen to live. And she doesn't own a huge house that just makes it look like she doesn't have a lot of stuff. She truly has a clutter free life, and to be honest, I think she probably is the happiest of most people I know. Lynn's mom did not hold onto anything. Her mom was the same way. She would select just a few pieces of nice art to display and that was it.

Anyway, cheers to Lynn for living a simple life. And, here's to you and me wherever you may be in your life. If you already get it and are living a simple life or if you are like me and trying to get there.

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